Monday, 4 January 2010

Oar making

Its been ages since I have been able to get to the workshop! The need to scrape some cash together, Christmas and packing-up the house to go to India for five weeks have just got in the way! Yep, I have no paying boat building work at the moment so I am earning pennies doing some bank Nursing, yep, I am a qualified nurse also, this is handy as I enjoy the practical nursing and you know helping people is a great thing to do.

So, at the weekend I went to the workshop and started making the oars I have been wanting to make since October! It was freezing, but working keeps you warm and it was great working the Sitka Spruce. Unfortunately progress will stop now as I need to mothball the workshop until we get back from India in March. Can't wait to experience Southern India, we are off to Auroville which is near Pondicherry.

The Oars will just have to wait until we get back, but hey, there is no hurry!


  1. Packing up in the snow....Fun!

  2. Hi Marc,

    It's Emma from the BBA. How are you doing? Have a great time in India. I was wondering if you or Rae had read 'Life of Pi'? It's an amazing book, and if I remember rightly parts of it are set in and around Pondicherry. (most of it is actually set on the sea - stranded with a tiger!)

    Have a great time!