Sunday, 2 February 2014

Blog neglect!

Scalloway Fire Festival the other week.

Yep, I have been a bit distracted the last few months. So distracted that I have just realised the last post was written in July 2013! Oh well, such is life. Part of the problem is that I have no boat building projects on the go at the moment apart from the ongoing maintenance of my two boats Zephon (Harrison  Butler Z4 tonner) and Defiant (13' Pilot Cutters rowing punt). 

I have been busy though. We are living on Burra, Shetland and I am now three months into my post graduate research studies on the Shetland Boat: History; Folklore and; Construction. We are loving living in Shetland and you can see what we are up to by clicking here on our Our Shetland Adventures

So, that's it for now, I am hatching some boat building project plans, and hoping to learn the art of Norwegian færing building da Norsk way!

So, for now.

Tusen Takk