Monday, 13 May 2013

Zephon is nearly ready for launch

Hatches are on and the new toe rails are fastened.

Zephon is progressing well and she is due back in the water the weekend of 25th May, yikes!! I think the photos are fairly self-explanatory. Suffice to say the jobs list is shrinking, although those jobs I think are going to be quick often take a lot longer than anticipated. This is normal for boats in general and especially old wooden ones.  The important thing is to get her sailing and I am excited to think she will back in the water shortly and just over a year since she was lifted out.

Fastening the fore hatch fastening. The hat at the bottom of the photo belongs to my young son Matt who was helping me.

Eldest son Tom preparing to fasten the rubbing strake.

Winch pads and winches are now fastened.

Rolling and tipping-off the top coat which is ivory white

Roller action!
Rubbing strake fitted around a chain plate.

Matt hard at work sanding.

Toe rail detail with plugs ready for trimming.

Bilges have been painted.