Monday, 13 August 2012

My finger is pretty much healed and the new corner post is fastened

Well, my finger is healed but disappointingly there is almost no scar! I was looking forward to proudly showing off my latest war wound but the nurse did far too good a job of repairing me!

Work on Zephon has been slow recently as its the summer holidays and my children are staying with me which is wonderful. We have been doing lots of rowing and yesterday caught mackerel for supper and saw a seal too.   As well as having fun with the boys I have also been doing work on a boat called Summer Song (I have replaced the engine beds).

I did manage to do a days work on Zephon last Thursday and the new corner post is now fastened in place and looking good. The next job is to replace the tongue and groove (T&G) panelling that was soft and had to be removed to access the rotten corner post. Happily, about a year ago, I acquired some lovely old iroko T&G from a boat I was dismantling. This T&G is very similar to that on Zephon and so I am going to use this as its replacement.  

The old and new corner posts.

Corner post primed and ready to go.

The corner post fastened in place.

View from inside the cabin.

Summers Songs new engine beds.