Saturday, 14 April 2012

Well, where has the time gone!

Well, I can't believe its been over a year since writing a post. Generally its been great. We have enjoyed living in Charlotte our van, she has cared for us well and we have had some very good times. Currently we are living on a boat near where I work.  I have been working for Ashley Butler up until a couple of weeks ago. I have really enjoyed working at Butler & Co and it is almost like I have not left as I am now renting work bench space from Ash in order to work on our new project, Zephon a Harrison Butler Zyclon yacht.

Below are some photos of the Butler & Co launches last August of Martha Primrose and The Pilgrim.

The launch of the new Mayflower 50', Martha Primrose.

Martha Primrose waiting to be slipped.

The Charles Sibbick yawl Saunterer came to the launch.

The launch of the completely rebuilt Brixham Sailing Trawler, The Pilgrim.

Pilgrim in the dry dock ready to go.

Pilgrim being towed to her temporary mooring on the Dart.

Zephon, 22' Harrison Butler Zyklon, our new project.

Zephon's broken mast and buckled pulpit.
A very pretty little boat.

The fallen oak tree.

Rae and I have recently bought Zephon, a 22 foot Harrison Butler Zyklon Class. We are very excited about becoming Zephon's new owners and are really looking forward to spending as much time as possible sailing her.

Zephon's build began just prior to World War II. When war broke out she was mothballed and completed in 1950. Her last owner was shipwright Richard Hunn. About 10 years ago Rich and his partner Danielle sailed Zephon round the UK and they sailed as far North as the Hebrides. 

Over the past few years Zephon has suffered a bit from neglect and last November she had a very near miss when a large oak tree came down on the steep bank opposite her mooring. The uppermost branches of the tree clipped her bow snapping the end of the mast and buckling the pulpit rail.  Zephon is structurally sound but needs a total overhaul which means we are going to be very busy over the next few months!