Thursday, 14 February 2013

Work on the hull is nearly complete.

This is the long board I was talking about in my last post. These professional longboards are expensive. It is easy to make your own. A bit of ply the required length and width, add a couple of handles and stick the sandpaper on with contact adhesive and off you go.

Starboard side ready for priming and then paying the seams with red lead putty.

The seams are all payed.

Charmian on a wet and windy February day in the flooded dry dock. I spent last Monday helping to get her ready to leave the dock.  I believe Tommy Neilson is possibly going to be completing the work in Gloucester.

Hull primed and ready for fine filling.

I think the photos are all pretty self-explanatory so not a lot else to add. There is a bit more work to do to the keel. I am in the process of renewing the sacrificial dead wood aft of the ballast keel (the worm shoe, see my next post for full info on this). There are also a couple of graving pieces to do on the keel and then this can be primed. 

Once these jobs are done I shall be moving inside the boat to paint a second coat of primer in the engine bay and cockpit area and then scrape, sand and prime the bilges. I shall then modify the engine bearers in readiness for installing the reconditioned Yanmar 1GM 10. So all is still looking good for an April launch!