Monday, 12 April 2010

Oar Making

Here are some photos of the two pairs of 9 foot spoon oars I have recently made. If you would like a bespoke set of oars then please ring or email me so we can discuss your requirements.

The boats that Built Britain Exhibition National Maritime Museum

There has been an exciting development since being back in the UK and National Historic Ships have recently confirmed that they would like to borrow Defiant of Lyme Regis for the the next five to six months in order to display her at the National Maritime Museum (NMM), Greenwhich, London. The Museum are running an exhibition in support of Tom Cunliffe's new BBC 4 TV series entitled "the Boats that Built Britain." This exhibition is due to begin in early May and we are taking Defiant to Greenwhich on 4 May. I think the exhibition opens to visitors on 8 May.

Here are some links explaining about the TV series and also advertising the series of lectures being held at the NMM.*/changeNav/false/from/2856