Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year to you and your family!

The day dawned bright and cold. "Lets go for a New Year's Day row" I suggested. We had not seen Defiant for at least six weeks and we were missing her. So off we drove to Conyer. We took a flask of coffee and chocolate in various forms. We got out of the nice warm car and wow, it was cold. Actually it was absolutely freezing cold, the wind chill was awesome.

We dutifully walked along the pontoon to say hello to Defiant, we had already made up our minds not to go for a row, the NE that was blowing was just too cold! Still she looked very pretty with snow and ice on her cover. I had a peek under the cover, I always feel anxious about finding her with water inside, happily she was bone dry and as usual looked great!

We went for a brief walk along the creek. The tide was a very high Spring. Loads of water!  On our return to the car the fresh coffee from the thermos tasted great and went a long way to warming our cockles.

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