Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stripping paint from the hull.

Working for Butler & Co.
Caulking the topsides on the 66' trawler yacht Charmian.

Last September I went back to work full-time for Ashley Butler. I thought the work was only for two-three weeks. The work finally came to an end the week before Christmas.  The money was very welcome but this meant that poor old Zephon has been neglected for the past three months. I am now working back on her full-time and hope to get her back in the water for the end of April.

Burning paint off the hull

Burning and scraping paint is boring and time consuming.

You just have to get into a rhythm and go for it!
Last week I burned the paint off the hull. This took three and a half days. I used a blow torch which is the only practical way of  removing the paint.
Half the hull done!
 I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the planking is in very good order. There were three graving pieces needed. These I have been done (photos to follow) I have also refastened the starboard garboard hood end. All the other hood end fastenings are fine. My next job will be removing the silicon in the seams (it is a very bad idea to use silicon to pay the seams mainly because nothing sticks to it and there is a risk that water will get behind it and become trapped which will cause rot). I will need to check the condition of the caulking which might need hardening-up or renewing. I will use red lead putty to pay the seams once the hull as been sanded.
Seals hauled out on the river Dart.

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